Spending Bill Includes $963,000 for Weston

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Congressman Jim Himes announced today that an appropriations bill passed in the U.S. House of Representatives includes “$963,000 for the Town of Weston to replace the antiquated Public Safety Land Mobile Radio system on which public safety personnel rely to communicate efficiently.”

Last June, voters approved a $4.5 million draw from the Town’s unreserved fund balance to finance a new land mobile radio system for emergency responders.

The hope at the time was that federal funds could offset part of the draw, hopes that hung in limbo as an impasse over the federal budget continued for months. That impasse ended today, at least for six out of 12 appropriation bills awaiting passage.

Today’s measure was a $460 billion omnibus bill, which passed with a 339–85 bipartisan vote. Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer told the New York Times the measure would pass in the Senate “with time to spare” before a partial government shutdown would be forced at midnight on Friday.

In all, Mr. Himes said just over $14 million in the bill will support a number of projects in his congressional district.

“I’m excited to see several key priorities for my district make it into this funding bill,” said Mr. Himes. “I fought hard to secure funding for projects that will enhance our community’s safety, vibrancy, and health, from improving traffic conditions on our busy roadways to expanding co-curricular resources for our youngest students.”

“These investments will make Southwest Connecticut an even better place to start businesses, grow families, and age with dignity,” he said.

In addition to Weston’s, several projects in the district were funded in Bridgeport, Fairfield, Greenwich, Monroe, Norwalk, and Stamford.

Funds were also designated to improve air quality and energy efficiency at the headquarters of Alliance for Community Empowerment, which also houses Head Start and Early Head Start programs. Career Resources, Inc. receives money to transform a former retail space into a resource center to integrate formerly incarcerated individuals back into society, and the Children’s Learning Centers of Fairfield County get money to build a new Early Childhood Education & Innovation Center, replacing two existing preschools scheduled for demolition.

Congressman Himes said the omnibus bill also contains provisions that benefit Connecticut in a broader way, including $7.03 billion for the SNAP nutrition program for women, infants, and children, funded fully at the level requested by President Biden.

$2.4 billion goes to Amtrak, including $1.1 billion for Northeast Corridor grants to enhance rail and transit systems.

Mr. Himes said more than $680 million is allocated to restore and preserve nationally significant bodies of water like the Long Island Sound.

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