Hummingbird Healing Center: Sound and Light Relaxation

The Hummingbird Healing Center is Westport’s newest wellness destination, welcoming individuals and families alike who want to experience the transformational power of sound through a variety of different modalities.

The beautiful, newly renovated 2100 sq. ft. space at 57 Main Street, 2nd floor, is located right above Blue Mercury. The Grand Opening happened in mid-December, and already people are flocking (no pun intended) to see what the Hummingbird is all about.

The center is home to Connecticut’s first and only Harmonic Egg®, a revolutionary energy healing therapy that uses frequencies, vibrations, sound waves and light waves to reset your body’s own natural ability to heal itself.

The 600 lb. egg-shaped chamber, made completely of wood, is 11 feet wide by 7 feet high by 7 feet deep, about the size of a walk-in closet. Imagine yourself reclining in a zero-gravity chair in a spacious chamber created to cocoon you in light and sound for a blissful 50 minutes. This is a fully clothed, no-touch therapy that is consistent, repeatable, and not dependent on an outside practitioner. It is completely natural, non-invasive, and safe for people of all ages.

Who can the Harmonic Egg® help? Well, just about anyone, from children and teens with ADHD to adults with anxiety and PTSD to seniors with dementia. It can aid in reducing emotional issues, address physical pain due to injuries and can even help auto-immune conditions that have not responded to traditional allopathic medicine. Grand Opening rates are still available through March 15th so book your session today!

The Hummingbird Healing Center also offers in person, group events such as Sound Bath Meditations and Women’s Song Circles. We are adding new offerings in the spring, so stay tuned via our website or find us on Instagram at @hummingbirdhealingcenter.

The extremely popular Therapeutic Sound Bath Meditations are a combination of breath work, restorative yoga, mindfulness meditation and a sacred sound concert. The experience begins by lying down on a mat (think Savasana in yoga class), often with a blanket, bolsters and an eye pillow provided by the Hummingbird Healing Center.

After a few moments of breathing and toning, the remainder of the experience is filled with different sounds and frequencies using Himalayan bowls, gongs, crystal singing bowls, various percussion instruments and the human voice. The experience invites deep rest and relaxation, reduces stress/anxiety, enhances creativity, aids with insomnia and much more.

Currently, Therapeutic Sound Bath Meditations are being offered by award-winning composer, musician, educator, and Sound Therapist Gary Posner. See our website for Gary’s impressive bio and for details. We will be adding additional events this spring and summer, so stay tuned!

Lastly, the Hummingbird Healing Center offers a unique retail boutique focusing on sound healing so you can take a piece of your experience at the center home with you!

We offer Crystal bowls, Himalayan bowls, Koshi chimes, Tingsha chimes, Native American Flutes, meditation cushions and more.

We partner with environmentally and ethically responsible companies and stand by every product on our shelves for the positive contribution it makes to our communities and the world. We will be offering mini workshops on how to play these amazing instruments. No musical experience required. Come in and play!

Lisa Pak, founder and owner of the Hummingbird Healing Center can be reached at: (T) (203) 550-3390 or via email at Hours for the Harmonic Egg, live events and retail shop are Tuesday – Saturday 10 – 6 and Sunday by appointment. Hope to see you soon!

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